Metasys Technologies believes in adhering to and living by our core values


Steve Alter

``Integrity at Metasys Technologies begins with our leadership, Sandeep Gauba (CEO), demonstrates integrity on a daily basis - through his leadership and guidance we have all become personally accountable for maintaining the highest standards of honesty, fairness and professionalism in all aspects of our lives. Integrity is at the core of our company culture. It is the foundation on which our company was built and it is quite simply the way we conduct ourselves and our business. ``


Krish Subbiah

``At Metasys Technologies, Innovation drives success! We are making a difference for our clients and consultants by using our community sourcing model, technological platforms and other innovative solutions to separate ourselves from the competition and provide unique solutions. Through our innovative recruiting process, we are able to focus on sourcing premier candidates who drive innovation for our clients, creating value. The culture of innovation at Metasys Technologies is recognized by our Fortune 50, Global 2000, and mid-market clients.``


Josephine Ramesh

``We recognize that providing our clients with the most talented workforce available, from a global, diverse pool of resources is key to their success. This allows our clients to outperform their peers.
Throughout the entire process, from sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, relationship building, and delivering talent, Metasys Technologies focuses on utilizing our expert knowledge of the highly diverse global resource pool, best practices, and decades of experience to source the most talented resources in the market for our clients’ needs. ``


Lori Flick

``At Metasys Technologies, Passion drives our culture and work ethic. We demonstrate our passion in every aspect of our daily lives, from working collaboratively to provide the best in innovative solutions and services to our client, to our ongoing community efforts.
We partner with our clients to develop cutting edge business relationships, earn your trust, invest in your success and deliver solutions that drive the best results and practices Our passion is also reflected in the numerous client and industry awards we have received over our two decades in business.``


Sudhakar Shyam

``People truly make the difference at Metasys Technologies. I am fortunate to work with a dedicated and professional team that not only delivers the best possible results for our clients but has fun in the process. Some of our favorite activities include our annual Diwali celebration, dancing at our holiday parties held at CEO’s home, and of course Friday ice cream treats during the summer from one of our VPs. The camaraderie and sense of family truly makes Metasys Technologies a fun place to work, making it easier for us to focus on providing value and making a difference for our clients.``

Jack Young


Jack Young

``As an organization, Metasys Technologies strives to be a good corporate citizen. From mentoring high school students, sending care packages to our military personnel, or volunteering to assist the elderly, we truly believe in helping others. One of my favorite examples of our community involvement are our visits to a nearby assisted living facility where we join the residents for an afternoon of conversation, games and good humor. We are able to bring smiles to their faces as we interact with each and every one of them. We truly care about others; it is part of our culture.``


Mark Lee

``Metasys Technologies takes great pride in its ability to differentiate itself in the market place by flawlessly executing its deliverables on time and within budget. Our meticulous attention to detail, planning and understanding of our clients’ key requirements and timelines sets us apart from our competition. We provide the highest quality resources available and never waiver from the commitment to excellence we make to our clients. This approach is reflected in the many Fortune 50 and Global 2000 clients that retain our services.``

  • By providing high quality, creative and innovative solutions, Metasys Technologies is a valued strategic partner and supplier to us [Fortune 50 #1 Home Improvement Retailer]. A key differentiator that our management experiences with Metasys Technologies is the attention to detail, professionalism and value-driven approach of its representatives.

    Director – Fortune 50 #1 Home Improvement Retailer
  • In all my years of consulting, Metasys Technologies consistently shows they truly care, not only about their clients but every one of us too. Knowing you will move heaven and earth to help us and always be there no matter what time of day or night truly sets you apart. Thank you so much for all you do! It does make a difference!

    Grant C. – Consultant
  • Wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am. For all your help in locating my perfect job, I honestly look forward to going to work every day, and I sincerely thank you for that.

    Ryan S. – Consultant
  • Metasys Technologies has built a strong reputation and brand with our leadership team, having provided us high quality consultants for multiple IT projects.

    VP – Fortune 50 #1 Global Logistics Company